The fruit of hard work is the sweetest.

Ice Cream Warehouse is a supplier and distributor of ice cream to the wholesale trade. Our company’s primary focus in the early years was products and services to ice cream vending truck owners and special event coordinators. There was a need in our markets for a place vendors could come and buy ice cream in bulk at safe locations at reasonable prices. After almost 20 years, they are still our most trusted and loyal partners.

We also filled a need in the C Store channel. Blue Bunny Ice Cream recognized our work ethic and asked us to team up with them in Southern Alabama to begin a freezer program in 1999. We started out very small but today have grown to cover most of Alabama, Georgia, parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida Panhandle. Our delivery trucks can be seen all across our region servicing Convenience Stores and Schools.

We have 4 company owned warehouses and have become good neighbors to our surrounding areas. We made the commitment years ago to become citizens of the cities we occupy instead of just renting cold storage and staying mobile without ties to the community. Our families live here.

Our family. Our Mission.

Family-owned businesses are born from many different beginnings. Our company was born in 1999 out of necessity to support a growing family and a desire to, one day, be considered the best in our field. We serve our customers by working as a team and supporting each other, by being honest, respectful, patient, kind, humble, selfless, forgiving and committed.

Our customers feel like family. We do our best to serve them in the most excellent manner, every day. From ice cream vendors to schools and convenience store owners; they are all equally responsible for our success. Thank you.

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